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Artwork by payden

Soul searcher, self love & mindfulness explorer, truth teller, thoughts and dreams traveler, & a lover of nature; this is me at my core. 

I’ve always felt at home & at peace while painting & exploring outdoors. My emotions & a thoughts have always been parts of myself that I’ve been acutely aware of. Put them all together & you have the recipe that brewed the creation of my artwork. 

Things have come & gone in my life; creativity, curiosity, being wonderstruck by nature, & my search for mental clarity will always be necessities.

At home in nature. Ever-inspired by the exploration of people's perspectives, thoughts, emotions, & dreams; transformed into colorful landscapes that encompass these aspects of humanity that leave me in awe.


"When I create, it's like I leave this world for a world all my own."

Following my curiosity into the exciting unknown brings on all kinds of inspiration. Not only inspiration for my work, but for life as well.

ADVENTURe & exploration


The peaceful sounds, the smell of plants & trees in the breeze, & the feeling of calm I get- nothing like it.

the wild outdoors


Brady (my dog) & Cat (obviously my cat) are like a Thunder-Blanket for my soul.

the furry friends


The ability to be unapologetically immature is s0 valuable- pure gold.



Oh the fuel that keeps me sane & human. You'll probably never see me without a cup or two or five.



Time for self reflection & mental clarity keeps me feeling & thinking my best; momentum to move forward.

reflection & Clarity


My Must Haves

There's little I love more than a grand adventure, preferably in the woods or the mountains somewhere; if that's not possible, gardening and planting bundles of beautiful texture and color are always welcome too.

in my spare time

There's little I love more than a grand adventure, preferably near the sea. I'm so inspired by the sound of the ocean; the wildness in all the waves.

in my spare time

When I'm not traveling or photographing, I can be found curled up on our coach with a candle lit, enjoying a glass of deep red wine with my husband.

in my spare time

Fashion is my first love, and still informs my shooting style, my approach to posing, and my tendency towards editorial imagery, layers, and texture.

in my spare time